100 Trees to Celebrate 100 Years

We are challenging our Members to plant 100 trees in 2021 to celebrate 100 years of horticultural leadership in our community!

There are a number of ways in which you can participate:

  • plant a tree in your own garden.
  • purchase a tree for the garden of a family member or friend.
  • purchase a tree to be planted somewhere in the CRD (in a boulevard, park, other public space, or your favorite public garden).
  • organize a tree to be planted under one of the districts’ planting programs (check out the links below).

Join in the fun, all  you need to do is plant a tree! Click 100 Trees Instructions for more information.

Tree Number One

Coming Soon!

We have listed municipal tree planting initiatives below. If you live in one of these areas check out the links, you may be eligible for a free tree!

The City of Victoria has a number of initiatives. General information can be found here at:  City of Victoria Urban Forest Initiative. Get together with neighbours to plant a minimum of ten trees and apply for a $1000.00 grant. Details here at: My Great Neighbourhood and a fact sheet here at: Trees in Cities Challenge.

The City of Saanich provides trees for your boulevard. Details of the programs can be found here at: Saanich Partnership Tree Planting Program.

The City of Oak Bay has the perfect solution if there is no space for a tree in your garden. Details on donating a tree can be found here at:  Tree Donation Program. The also have a program that supports planting our native Garry Oaks, details here at Grow the Oaks in Oak Bay.

The municipalities also provide infomation on proven tree varieties for our area and how to successfully grow your tree to maturity. Check your area website or click on some of the links below for ideas and inspiration.

Saanich Preferred Boulevard Tree Selection List

City of Victoria Pesticide Reduction

Esquimalt New Tree Planting