News & Events

The VHS works to promote, manage, and sponsor gardening events and education all around Greater Victoria.

Our unique Mediterranean climate ( known as “warm csb” in the Köppen classification system) makes it a challenge to identify the best plants and gardening practices to use here.

That’s why we’re always excited to announce new speakers, workshops, books, sponsorships, and events where everyone can gain the specialized knowledge and tools that are needed to help our community thrive.

Join us all over town in 2020!

A Small Sample of Events and Activities Supported by VHS Members

  • January: Doris Page Winter Garden at Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
  • February: Speaker John Anderson, Keeper of the Gardens, Windsor Great Park, UK (Hardy Plant Group)
  • March: St. Ann’s Academy National Historic Site garden volunteers
  • April: Friends of the Abkhazi Garden Society, open house and plant sales
  • May: Government House Gardens Society volunteers
  • June: Cowichan Valley field trip to open gardens (Hardy Plant Group)
  • September: Bulb trends workshop
  • October: Fruit and veggie parlour show
  • November: “Behind the scenes” tours of Butchart Gardens
  • December: VHS Christmas Party

Other Gardening Groups in the Victoria Area

VHS members also participate in other gardening group events.

See the complete list with schedules on our Local Gardening Groups page.