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VHS and its sub-groups, the Hardy Plant Group and The Fruit & Vegetable group, are constantly working to develop the most topical educational sessions for our monthly meetings.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Speaker: Bryan Emery
Topic: Pelargoniums – more info to come

Tuesday October 1, 2024

Speaker: Gordon MacKay
Topic: Fruit Tree Pruning in the Small Backyard Orchard

‘Flush cuts, compartmentalization of decay, UFO, bevel cuts, slender spindle..: what the heck does it all mean…..?’
Pruning is a part of successful fruit production in the orchard. This talk will discuss strategies to utilize pruning techniques as one method to improve fruit production and ultimately tree health and longevity. Summer pruning versus winter pruning, tree training, rootstock selection, young tree versus mature tree and various methods to grow your trees e.g. slender spindle, espalier etc. will all be covered. Some discussion on potential pest and disease issues will also be included. This presentation will focus on apple and pear production.

Bio: Gordon grew up in the city of Glasgow, often called the ‘dear green place’. Inspired by his father at an early age to pursue horticulture, he was fortunate enough to be able to follow in his footsteps completed the 2 year Diploma program at Threave School of Gardening in southwest Scotland. It was at Threave that his love and deep appreciation for all things plant related was fully realised. Working under the head gardener and plantsman, Magnus Ramsay, it was soon apparent that pruning trees and shrubs was going to be play a large part of this obsession. Further training was sought in the 3 year Diploma program at Pershore College of Horticulture in England. Since immigrating to Canada in 1994, Gordon has developed and established his own arboriculture business specialising in fruit tree pruning and tree care. He works part-time at a local retail garden centre; this somewhat helps to satisfy his plant obsession! Along with being an instructor at the Pacific Horticulture College, he is also an avid beekeeper.

Tuesday February 4, 2025

Speaker: Monika Grunberg
Topic: Mason Bees