We’re planning a special celebration for 2021 to honour the Victoria Horticultural Society’s 100 years in Victoria, BC. Victoria was at a turning point in 1921. The “British Colonist” newspaper, founded by Victoria politician Amor de Cosmos in 1858, had been the dominant BC newspaper, reporting on everything from the gold rush and the Province’s 1871 incorporation into Canada, to massive labour strikes and World War I.

By the beginning of the 1920s, after the tragedies of war, people were ready to start enjoying life more. People came to the city looking for jobs, so more roads were built, and more houses and schools were constructed. Prohibition in BC was removed in 1921. Radio transmissions started in the 1920s and transformed communications.

Residents had new opportunities to garden for themselves, and wanted to learn and share all the ways to take advantage of Victoria’s good climate; thus the VHS was born.

Fast forward to this year: Victoria now has a diverse economy, with major contributors being tourism, education, government, and technology. People still want to create their own green spaces, and local gardening, farming, and permaculture are growing in popularity again.

Join us for a celebration of our past and present in 2021.


Centenary Projects

The objectives of the VHS are:

a. To collect and diffuse information on all topics relating to horticulture.
b. To cooperate and/or affiliate with other horticultural organizations.
c. To support education in horticulture.

These broad objectives formed the starting point for our Centenary plans, along with our motto “Share What You Know, Show What You Grow”.

Click on the images below for more information about our centenary projects.

VHS Centenary Legacy Project