Fruit & Vegetable Group

Upcoming Meeting

April 16: Fruit and Veggie (F&V) Group will be meeting in-person!!

The Fruit and Veggies Group will meet at one of our member’s homes in-person at 7 pm on April 16th. If you are on the F&V mailing list you will get the details by email at least 2 weeks ahead. Bring any extra seeds you have to share with other group members and be prepared to share any great tips for the coming season. At that meeting we hope to map out our in-person garden visits and field trips for the late spring and summer months. It should be a great time to compare notes and share the excitement of fruit and vegetable gardening!!

The Fruit and Veggies subgroup (F&V) of the VHS is a group of enthusiastic gardeners who have a particular interest in improving and sharing their practices of growing nourishing and beautiful food! We are VHS members who want to connect with, and learn from, others who are interested in the same things – growing fruit and veggies!

The group contains several dozen avid home gardeners with gardens that range from a small balcony or terrace and grow mostly in pots to folks with larger properties and who may grow enough to feed several families or even have a roadside stand! We encourage sustainable and local food production on whatever scale you can manage!

We meet most months of the year – in winter via Zoom and in the growing season via in-person visits to each other’s gardens, depending on who is available and offers to share their spaces. We even have a field trip or two! In the past we have visited a large garden/orchard of one of our members, and also had a tour of a local market-garden greenhouse. Our gatherings are usually between 10 and 20 people – whoever can make it!

If you are interested in growing edibles, and would like the support and camaraderie of others, please connect! If you are not a VHS member yet, remember that meetings are open to visitors so you can meet the wider gardening community. You can find the F&V table at any regular VHS meeting (see VHS homepage). We are always happy to welcome new members to the Fruit and Veggies Group so please get in touch!

As a VHS member, you have access to the expertise and inspiration of the most experienced gardeners in the Victoria area. Monthly VHS meetings offer fascinating lectures on a variety of topics by invited guest speakers, and an extensive lending library. In addition there are VHS special events, plants sales and field trips throughout the year. For more details please see this link:

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