Category: VHS Meeting VHS Meeting: Speaker: Angela Hoy

VHS Meeting: Speaker: Angela Hoy

April 2, 2024

Speaker: Angela Hoy
Topic: The Complete Guide to Home Composting

Bio: Angela has had a lifelong love of gardening. She became a Master Composter in the UK in 2012 and ever since has enlightened the gardening public about the joys and benefits of home composting. Since arriving in Canada in September 2017, she has volunteered at Riley Park Community Garden where she was instrumental in setting up the present compost system. In 2020 she took the Vancouver Master Gardener Course, and organizes MG Clinics at the Riley Park Farmers Market. She has also recently taken the Master Recycler course and is currently accruing volunteer hours to achieve certification.

Garth Homer Center
813 Darwin Ave.
Saanich, BC

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