Landscape Design

Duane Ensing of Landscape Solutions.  Duane’s philosophy:  The design process is highly  personal, but there are critical factors to consider in the creative process guiding
the development of individual plans.  What are key needs and desires? Here are steps guiding your look into your own landscape with an eye to designing/redesigning  enjoyable spaces. Take inventory of your entire site, start making a plan to incorporate some of these elements, and plan to invest in garden areas for now and the  future.

Pre-meeting workshop: 6:30 pm, Main Floor Boardroom

Joe Harvey:  Ferns from Spores Renowned botanist and VHS Member Joe Harvey will show how to grow ferns from spores. There will be fern frond samples and a demonstration of collecting spores and the sowing method. Go home with a complete kit to start plantlets on your own window ledge. Supplied: soilless mix, rare spores, already growing plantlets. Bring clean plastic tubs, 500 ml or smaller.