VHS Centenary Legacy Project

VHS Centenary Legacy Project

In discussions about our Centenary our Members made it clear that our celebrations should include what we have taken to calling a “Legacy Project”, by which we mean something which would act as a lasting testament to the Society.

The VHS has held its monthly meetings at the Garth Homer Centre, in Saanich, since 1995. The site on which the Centre stands is undergoing a comprehensive redevelopment as part of the larger Nigel Valley Redevelopment Project:


The current building will be torn down and replaced within the next few years. As a consequence of the redevelopment, their current market garden space (which they use for teaching purposes for their clients) will be lost, and the Society would like to replace that with a rooftop garden, ideally incorporating a greenhouse. The VHS has committed to raising $25,000 towards the cost of that.

Our upcoming plant sale is the first of what we hope will be number of fundraising initiatives for this important project.