Monthly Meeting Plant Stall

Primula from February's Plant Stall. Photo by Laura Proctor

The VHS operates a plant stall at its monthly meetings staffed by knowledgeable members with good information about the plants for sale.

When and where? 6:30 to 7:30 pm and during the tea break of the VHS monthly meetings. Tables are set up at the rear of the meeting hall where plants donated by members are for sale at very reasonable prices.

How to donate? Bring plants to the Plant Stall tables by 6:30 pm before the VHS monthly meeting. Bringing your plants ready for sale – potted or carefully bagged and labeled makes less work for the Plant Stall volunteers. The volunteers do the pricing and sales. You may choose to make a simple donation, just bring your plants.
If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donations you will need to fill out a VHS Plant List form. If you have not donated before, you might want to read the Plant Stall Donation Instructions. If you are a propagator, you may contact Diane Pierce, Plant Stall Coordinator, to discuss a possible revenue sharing agreement.

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