The Farmland Protection Coalition is a grassroots organization of groups and individuals committed to protecting farmland and supporting farmers and food systems in the Capital Region and across British Columbia.

Motivated by debate over the future of the Agricultural Land Reserve in 2014, more than 60 organizations have come together to endorse the vision of protecting farmland and supporting farmers and food systems.

Farmland Protection Coalition

There are growing threats to the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).  The largest threat to our ALR in BC is the Site C Dam project. A project that circumvented the normally required approval from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) that would see 31,528 acres of some of the very best farmland in BC flooded.

In Greater Victoria the regional government, the Capital Regional District (CRD), is considering a new visioning document to 2038, the Regional Sustainability Strategy, that so far fails to map the existing ALR lands, unlike the current visioning document. Knowing exactly where ALR lands are located should be Step One in any land use planning.

The  Langford Council has indicated they plan to submit a block exclusion for half of all the ALR lands in Langford, about 114 acres.   Langford Council has stated there will be no land inclusions to compensate for the massive loss of ALR lands.

Richard Bullock, ex-chair of the Agriculture Land Commission, is speaking about the state of the ALR and the future. “Evening with Richard Bullock” in Richmond.

The Farmland Protection Coalition is planning to host an “Evening with Richard Bullock,” in Greater Victoria this autumn, see the FPC website to receive notices of upcoming events.

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